My services

Currently I offer all services, for groups and individuals, of course online! (workshops, lectures, training courses, consulting…)

My consulting services are differentiated according to needs and scope. The scope of the consulting projects is determined on the basis of a personal presentation of their individual problem situation.

Individual training of managers:

Individual managers are trained to identify structures that inhibit cooperation and to introduce cooperation-promoting structures.

Group training of managers:

Groups (e.g. Project Manager & Department Manager) so that you can independently change structures to improve cooperative behavior.

Keynotes on cooperation:

An introduction to cooperation behaviour, the evolutionary biological approach, natural problems, empirical and theoretical solutions.

In addition, I develop concepts and project plans, in which I also take over the project management and project management if necessary.

The scope depends on your needs:

Short consultations of 2 and 4 hours:

Here the main cooperation problems are identified and the necessary structural changes are explained. This also applies to the avoidance of future problems.

Consultant sdays:

Cooperation problems are identified here, the necessary structural changes are worked out and those responsible for the implementation for the implementation of these structures are accompanied. The number of consultant days depends on the complexity.